8 Causes Advance Closer to Canonization

Italian Husband and Father Recognized for Heroic Virtue

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Pope Francis has paved the way for founders of religious orders, missionaries to Africa, and the father of a family, to move closer to canonization.

At an audience Thursday with Cardinal Angelo Amato, prefect of the Congregation for Saints' Causes, the Pope authorized the congregation to promulgate decrees on the following causes:


--Louis-Édouard Cestac (1801-68), a French diocesan priest who founded the Daughters of Mary

--Irene Stefani (1891-1930), an Italian missionary who served in Kenya

Heroic Virtue

--Father Luigi Savaré (1878-1949), an Italian diocesan priest

--Father Eugenio Reffo (1843-1925), an Italian priest who co-founded the Congregation of St. Joseph

--Mother Magdalen of the Sacred Heart (1832-1900), an English nun who founded the Poor Servants of the Mother of God

--Sister Giuseppa Scandola (1849-1903), an Italian missionary who served in what is now South Sudan

--Itala Mela (1904-1957), an Italian Benedictine oblate

--Uberto Mori (1926-1989), an Italian layman, husband, and father of a family