Prelate Affirms That Europe Needs New Spiritual Guidance

Cardinal Kasper noted a second challenge: "How to approach with our message the present modern or postmodern mentality in our secularized and pluralistic Western society?"

"Here difficult ethical and pastoral problems arise and our faithfulness to the Gospel message is challenged," he affirmed, acknowledging the effort to define "faithfulness beyond fundamentalism and liberalism."

These are "not easy questions," the prelate stated, "but for the good of our people we are not allowed to give in."

He added, "It is our duty to do our best in order find common answers, as we are decided to do in the now beginning third phase of our Anglican Roman Catholic International Commission dialogues."

The cardinal expressed hope due to "the growing and augmenting ecumenical spiritual cooperation between groups and communities from different churches in everyday prayers and in meetings where they read together the Bible, exchange their spiritual experiences and pray together."

"Ecumenism is not dead," he stated, "it is lively and it is engaging in a new and hopeful phase of its history."


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