Meets With Journalists of Italy's Episcopal Conference

Speaking today to 1,200 directors, journalists and technicians of the newspaper, television and radio stations and news service of the Italian bishops' conference, the Pope commented on "relations between faith and culture, exactly as they have developed in the last decades."

"European culture, as you know, was formed in the course of the centuries with the contribution of Christianity," the Holy Father said. "Then, beginning with the Enlightenment, Western culture has been moving away from its Christian foundations with ever greater speed."

In recent times, the Pontiff continued, "the dissolution of the family and marriage, attacks against human life and against its dignity, the reduction of faith to a subjective experience and the consequent secularization of the public conscience, show us with dramatic clarity the consequences of this estrangement."

Benedict XVI encouraged Catholic communicators "to support and promote the new Christian experiences that are being born and help them attain an ever clearer awareness of their ecclesial roots and the role they can play in society and culture."

The Pope encouraged the journalists to carry out their work, paying attention to "the problems, needs and hopes" of the people they address.

"Christian faith is open to all that is 'true, noble, just, kind, and honest' in peoples' cultures, as the Apostle Paul taught the Philippians," he said.

For their message to be credible, Benedict XVI invited Catholic communicators to give "a luminous testimony of profound Christian life, being always tenaciously united to Christ, to be able to look at the world with his very eyes."

The Pope continued: "Experience the happiness of belonging to the Church and of introducing your voice and reasons in the great circuit of communication.

"Do not tire of building bridges of understanding and communication between the ecclesial experience and public opinion."


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