Christian Leaders´ Appeal for Peace in Holy Land

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JERUSALEM, APR. 9, 2001 ( In a common message for Easter, a new appeal for peace was addressed to the civil and political authorities in the Holy Land, by the leaders of the 13 different Christian churches and communions in Jerusalem.

Recalling the tragic events of the past months, the Christian leaders say they are praying for the immediate end of all collective punishments, and the lifting of closures of Palestinian towns and villages, as a "sign of goodwill" on both sides, and "in keeping with internationally accepted legitimate resolutions for the benefit of the weaker part."

Today, sources reported that a 45-year-old Palestinian was found dead near the West Bank locality of Ramala, following Sunday´s confrontations between Israeli soldiers and armed Palestinians.

The above death brings to 470 the number of people who have died since the beginning of the "intifada" on Sept. 28. Among the dead are 385 Palestinians, 71 Israelis, 13 Israeli Arabs and one German.