Fr. Paolo Dell'Oglio's Relatives Ask Those Responsible to 'Have the Dignity to Let Us Know His Fate'


One year has already passed since we last knew of our son and brother Paolo, priest, Jesuit, Italian, who disappeared in Syria on July 29th 2013.

This has also been a long time, too long, for a land ravaged by war and infinite suffering like Syria. We ask those responsible for the disappearance of a good man, a man of faith, a man of peace, to have the dignity to let us know of his fate.

We would like to once again hold him in our arms, however we are also prepared to mourn him.

Tomorrow, 29th of July, one year after his disappearance, many of us will be praying for him and standing by him, as we will be doing for those who have been kidnapped, unjustly detained and for the many who are suffering because of this war.


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Video message of their plea:


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