Forget the "Clash," Says Europarliament Official

Substitution of Civilizations Is the Real Risk, Warns Mauro

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BARCELONA, Spain, APRIL 4, 2006 ( The vice president of the European Parliament warns that within 10 years there will be no "clash of civilizations" but rather a substitution of civilizations.

Mario Mauro spoke of that possibility when he addressed the first Convention of Catholics and Public Life, organized in Barcelona by the Catholic Associations of Propagandists and the Abat Oliva CEU University.

Mauro's address last Saturday was on the topic "The Dictatorship of Relativism and the Future of Europe."

"The object of relativism is to deny the truth," the speaker said.

In this context, Mauro indicated, Benedict XVI insists that "truth exists" and that there are truths on which there can be no discussion, such as life, the family and education.

The European Parliament official contended that political dialogue must recognize the content of truth. Otherwise, he said, relativism becomes an ideology, since it is a totalitarian theory in which power is everything.

Mauro reminded his audience that the Fathers of Europe were Catholic. "When the Christian roots of Europe are attacked, it is thought that one offends the memory of our Fathers," he said, "but what we really offended is the future of our children."

Hence, Mauro fears that a "substitution of civilizations" looms. So the first battle that must be won, he said, "is the battle to have truth recognized."