Fr. Lombardi's Statement on Beirut Attack

"Lebanon is Called to be a Message of Peace and Hope"

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VATICAN CITY, OCT. 23, 2012 ( Here is a translation of the statement made by the Director of the Holy See Press Office, Father Federico Lombardi, S.J., following the grave attack carried out on Friday, October 19th in the center of Beirut, which left several dead and numerous wounded:

* * *

The attack that took place in Beirut merits the most firm condemnation, for the absurd murderous violence it manifests, which is opposed to the efforts and commitment to maintain peaceful coexistence in Lebanon. Instead, as the Holy Father Benedict XVI has repeated many times, Lebanon is called to be a message of peace and hope for those who live there and for all that region. While sharing with compassion in the grief for the death and wounding of so many persons, it is hoped that this horrible event will not be an occasion for the spread of further violence.

[Translation by ZENIT]