Globalize Solidarity, Urges Benedict XVI

Addresses New Peruvian Ambassador

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VATICAN CITY, MARCH 16, 2007 ( If globalization is to produce wealth equitably, it is necessary to globalize solidarity, says Benedict XVI.

The Holy Father made this point today, on receiving the letters of credence of Alfonso Rivero Monsalve, the new Peruvian ambassador to the Holy See.

The Pope said: "We know that Peru wishes to respond effectively to the phenomenon of globalization, taking advantage of the opportunities presented by economic growth to ensure that the resulting wealth and other social advantages reach everyone in an equitable way.

"Peruvians ... also hope that health services may serve all social categories, that education may be available to everyone ... and that corruption may be contrasted with an integrity that enables the effective operation of public institutions, thus helping to overcome so many situations of hunger and misery."

The Bishop of Rome expressed hopes that "in the face of corruption, integrity will prevail which will allow for the effective action of different public institutions, thus helping to overcome so many situations of hunger and poverty."

"Furthermore," the Holy Father continued, "there is a pressing need for unity of intent among leaders to ensure they face the challenges of a globalized world ... with true solidarity."

Benedict XVI said that this virtue "must inspire the action of individuals, of rulers, of international organizations and institutions and of all members of civil society, committing them to work for the just growth of peoples and nations, having as the objective the good of each and all."