Urges More International Pressure

The statement from the nunciature points out that Christians have often been targets, and especially the Christians of Mosul "have paid a high price, despite their unanimously recognized peaceful life."

Eight Christians have been killed in that city in just 10 days.

"One has the impression that the reason to attack these minorities is strictly and only their religious faith or their different ethnic membership," the nunciature note continues. "Many Christians live in fear of staying in the territory which has seen them present for 2,000 years.
"Someone is trampling on their indisputable right to full citizenship, driving them with the force of violence to abandon their homes and flee."

The apostolic nunciature lamented that "the horror of violent and senseless acts" would be covered up and affirmed that prayer is more necessary than ever.

The statement declares that "urgent help is needed: Especially necessary is that the pressure of world opinion not fall, so that all the violence and discrimination ends immediately."

The statement suggests the the future of minorities depends on international attention.
"Moreover, it is hoped that the local authorities will not fail to attempt anything to guarantee the defenseless all the protection to which they are entitled, precisely in virtue of their Iraqi citizenship, which they have never betrayed," it continues. "Christians request that they be able to live their life in tranquility and profess their faith with total security, a basic condition of every civilization."

Archbishop Francis Assisi Chullikatt, 56, is the nuncio in Iraq. He was appointed to the post in 2006.


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