Says Path Is the One Marked by Christ

The Pope made his appeal today before releasing two doves with the aid of two Roman youths -- a symbolic gesture of peace to close the month that began with the World Day for Peace.

The two children represented the young people of Catholic Action of Rome, who gathered at midday in St. Peter's Square to pray the Angelus with the Pope.

Catholic Action organized various formation events for children and young people during January, also known as the Month of Peace.

"Dear little friends," the Pontiff said to them, "I know that you work on behalf of others your age who suffer from war and poverty. Continue along the road that Jesus has shown to us to build true peace!"

Addressing the Holy Father in the name of all the young people present, one youth of Catholic Action said: "Dear Pope, we learn from you what it means to truly be workers, everyday, of that peace that we shout out and invoke this day!

"We thank you because you always think of us children and you help us not to never forget that along the road of life, whatever happens, Jesus walks with us.

"Dear Pope, Catholic Action of Rome loves you so, so much!"

This year, in contrast to past years, the doves did not return to the Papal apartment. With a smile, Benedict XVI said: "This time it went well, sometimes they come back!"


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