Pope Warns Against Cohabitating Couples

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VATICAN CITY, JAN. 11, 2007 (Zenit.org).- Benedict XVI appealed to politicians in favor of the family and warned them that recognition of de facto unions is dangerous and counterproductive.

Meeting today with administrators of the Latium region, and of the city and province of Rome, the Holy Father said that "a policy of the family and for the family is necessary," which implies recognizing "the responsibilities that are proper to it."

The Pope continued: "That is, it is about increasing initiatives that can make the formation of a family, and then procreation and the education of children, less difficult and burdensome for young couples, favoring youth employment, containing the price of housing to the degree possible, and increasing the number of nursery schools and kindergartens."

According to the Pontiff, "those projects that seek to attribute to other forms of union improper juridical recognition, weakening and destabilizing the legitimate family, based on marriage" are "dangerous and counterproductive."

The Italian government is currently debating the recognition of the Civil Pacts of Solidarity, knowns as PACs, a form of legally recognizing de facto unions.