Trafficking in Women Is Linked to One-Child Policy

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BEIJING, MAR. 8, 2001 ( China´s one-child policy has resulted in an illegal market of women, the Vatican missionary agency Fides reports.

Chinese culture considers boys a blessing, and given the government´s tough enforcement of the one-child rule, many women abort their daughters.

Last year there were 70 million unmarried men in China aged 25 to 49, according to data quoted by Fides. That situation has resulted in a veritable market of women, who either become wives or slaves, Fides added.

According to documents of the Communist Party, in 1990 the authorities discovered more than 19,000 cases of women sold against their will. More than 60,000 people implicated in this trafficking were arrested.

In the province of Shandong, more than 14,000 women were sold, and 2,000 traffickers were arrested. In Jiangsu, more than 48,000 women were sold as wives. The figures were taken from the census carried out between 1993 and 1996.