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Pope Francis with Claretians - General Chapter of Claretian .11 September 2015

INTERVIEW: St. Anthony Mary Claret: Apostle of the Integrity of the Clergy and Families

Federico Cenci | | ZENIT.org | Religious Orders and Congregations | Rome | 54

Father Vattamattan, new Superior General of the Claretians, speaks about the founder of his congregation, devoted to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Sain Francis of Assis

Saint Francis and Mercy

Federico Cenci | | ZENIT.org | Jubilees and Special Years | Rome | 47

Father Raniero Cantalamessa, OFM Cap., Preacher of the Papal Household, Reflects on the Connection Between the Poor One of Assisi and the Upcoming Jubilee Year


Nativity Creche Allowed in France

Federico Cenci | | ZENIT.org | World News | Rome | 1

Judge Sides With Mayor Who Set Up Crib in Town Hall

Eucharistic miracles shown to the world, thanks to Carlo...

Federico Cenci | | ZENIT.org | Spirituality and Prayer | Rome | 7

The brainchild of young Servant of God Carlo Acutis, an exhibition on Eucharistic miracles, has collected over 130 prodigious facts testifying to the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist

East and West Before the Mystery of the Trinity

Federico Cenci | | ZENIT.org | Uncategorized | Vatican City | 1739

In His Second Lenten Homily, Father Cantalamessa Reflects on the Different Ways that Catholics and Orthodox Express the Trinitarian Mystery and the Common Need to Adore It

The Holy See and Iran: A Common Front in Defending Traditional Values

Federico Cenci | | ZENIT.org | Vatican Dicasteries/Diplomacy | Rome | 1433

Pope Receives Iranian Vice-President and Delegation of Women to the Vatican

Rome's Non-Catholic Cemetery: A Green and Flowering Garden Amid the City Traffic

Federico Cenci | | ZENIT.org | Uncategorized | Vatican City | 1315

Approaching All Souls Day, We Visit a Cemetery Reserved for Non-Catholics in the Pope's City

Bishop Grech: 'There Is a Need for Spreading the Gospel of the Family'

Federico Cenci | | ZENIT.org | Uncategorized | Vatican City | 1681

President of the Maltese Episcopal Conference Discusses Aspects Emanating From Synod on the Family

Senior Chaldean Official: Islamists Have Been Planning to Empty Iraq of Christians For Years

Federico Cenci | | ZENIT.org | Uncategorized | Rome | 2042

Msgr. Najim Tells ZENIT Terrorists Interpret Christian Love of Peace as Weakness

Cristiano Ronaldo Is Alive Thanks to a Conscientious Objector

Federico Cenci | | ZENIT.org | Uncategorized | Rome | 5456

Mother of Talented Portuguese Soccer Player Says She Would Have Aborted Him But for Refusal of Her Doctor

Sooner or Later, Pius XII Will Be Beatified

Federico Cenci | | ZENIT.org | Uncategorized | Vatican City | 2828

Father Peter Gumpel, Relator of Pope Pacelli's Cause, Tells ZENIT Beatification is Inevitable, 'Perplexed' By Francis' Comments on Miracle

Iranian Ambassador to the Holy See Hopes For Peace Through Dialogue (Part 1)

Federico Cenci | | ZENIT.org | Uncategorized | Rome | 2032

In An Exclusive Interview with ZENIT, Mohammad Taher Rabbani, Iranian Ambassador to the Vatican, Talks about Inter-Religious Dialogue and Irans Agreement in Geneva on Its Nuclear Program