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ZENIT News in Text Format

Staff Reporter | | | Media | Rome | 26

Today's news dispatch: Nov. 24, 2015

Palace of Westminster

2 Auxiliaries Named for Westminster

Staff Reporter | | | Catholic Church | England, United Kingdom | 230

One a Native of Northern Ireland, the Other a Former Anglican

View of St Peter's square from the Dome of St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City, Rome

Bishop Named for Personal Ordinariate in the USA

Staff Reporter | | | Catholic Church | Rome | 338

"A bishop will help to give the Ordinariate the stability and permanence necessary to fulfil its mission to be a work of Catholic unity, whose roots are to be found in the great texts of the Second Vatican Council"

Pope Francis at the IOR, Vatican, 24 of November 2015

Pope Francis Appoints New Director General of Vatican Bank

Staff Reporter | | | Pope and Holy See | Vatican City State | 152

During Brief Visit to IOR Today, Pontiff Announced Dr. Gian Franco Mammi Would Be Bank's Director 

Pope Francis at Ground Zero, the Memorial for the victims of September 11 attacks in New York

FORUM: 'We Must Be Ready'

Staff Reporter | | | Spirituality and Prayer | New York City | 174

Cardinal Dolan Publishes Reflection Saying Since We Won't Know If End of World Is Coming, Be Prepared

ZENIT News in Text Format

Staff Reporter | | | Media | Rome | 75

Today's news dispatch: Nov. 23, 2015

Map of Uganda, Orthografic projection

Pope Francis in Uganda: Honoring Martyrs, Firing Up the Faith

Staff Reporter | | | Papal Trips | Uganda | 149

Young Church Is Vibrant But Experiences ‘Pangs of Birth’


Pope Francis celebrates Holy Mass in Santa Marta, November 23rd of 2015

Pope’s Morning Homily: Widows Are an Image of the Church Seeking to Stay Faithful

Staff Reporter | | | Pope and Holy See | Rome | 204

At Casa Santa Marta, Reflects on the 2 Coins Given With Generosity


Young girls attend a Sunday mass at Saint Sauveur Catholic church, adjacent to the IDP camp that Pope Francis is scheduled to visit, in the capital Bangui, the Central African Republic, 22 November 2015

Pope's Message to Central African Republic

Staff Reporter | | | Papal Trips | Rome | 89

"I will have at heart to support interreligious dialogue and to encourage peaceful coexistence in your country. I know that this is possible, because we are all brothers"

A man reads a Catholic newspaper Catholic Mirror after a Sunday mass at the Holy Family Minor Basilica church in Nairobi, Kenya, 22 November 2015

Pope's Video Message to Kenya, Uganda

Staff Reporter | | | Papal Trips | Rome | 121

"I am coming as a minister of the Gospel, to proclaim the love of Jesus Christ and his message of reconciliation, forgiveness and peace"