You can consult ZENIT news with the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) system, an easy way to be informed in real time.

Thanks to this system, it is possible to receive the news published on ZENIT's site on your computer instantly. And those who have a blog can immediately and simply spread ZENIT

To receive RSS streams, you need an Internet connection and a "feed aggregator" or a "feed reader."

On the Internet, there are many of these programs that can be downloaded or used on the Web. Some of them perfectly integrate with the most well-known browsers and e-mail providers. Below, there are links to some feed aggregators.

ZENIT distributes by RSS the headline and "link feed" of all the articles we publish. Basically this includes news, documents, and the promotional messages we periodically send to ZENIT readers.

"RSS feeds" are thus the best way to receive the latest news in real time and to stay up to date about the agency itself.

To use the "feed," just click with the right mouse button on the "RSS" button of the edition of ZENIT that you wish to receive below, select "copy connection" and paste the link on your "feed aggregator."

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